In a nutshell, it’s far safer than current options.  Homeopathic remedies won’t put stress on your vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, skin, gut and pancreas.  Instead, these re-balancing and healing remedies will help support and cleanse these vital organs that are important for toxic load elimination, without compromising the rest of the body.

Homeopathic remedies will not cause havoc on the major endocrine glands in your body such as the pituitary gland, ovaries, adrenals, pineal gland and thyroid.  Instead it will nourish and support these glands and allow for hormonal balance.

Today’s current methods of progestin and estrogen hormonal treatment found in various methods such as the combination pill, IUD’S, patches, mini-pill, coils and injections are literally like a sledge-hammer to the system.  They don’t just affect the sex hormones, they have an impact on all the others mentioned above.  They cause serious short term and long-term side affects such as:

weight gain, facial hair, acne, thinning hair / hair loss, gut problems, abdominal pain, PCOS, thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings, irregular periods, amenorrhea, lethargy and exhaustion, headaches, migraine, fungal infections, cystitis, hirsutism, leg cramps, low libido, higher risks of cancer and blood clots….. because us women don’t already have enough to deal with!

Homeopathic remedies and tailor-made blends alongside a homeopathic detox can help to:

Take back control of your body, give you boundless energy, improved healthy skin and hair, regular and painless periods, self-confidence, great sleep increased libido and even a baby- if that’s what you are working towards! 

My clients have had life-changing experiences with my contraceptive detox and unique blends.  These remedies help to detox the bad effects of the pill, implant, whatever method you are using, and help to support, cleanse and re-balance the body, whilst adding vital nutritional support to your vital organs.

What’s not to love about that?



What To Expect In The Consultation

After completing the medical background form, I will gather further details of your symptoms and lifestyle, to build up a unique picture of you.  This can include information such as what kinds of foods you crave, how and if you express your emotions, if you are a warm or chilly person, amongst other things. 

With that, I will prescribe your treatment to you on the day.  For complex cases, I sometimes like time to analyse the case throroughly, in which case your prescription can be posted out or collected.  Either way, you will be given written instructions on how and when to take your remedies.  I usually like to see my clients 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation, depending on the case. 

You may be advised on practical dietary and lifestyle changes that you may wish to implement gradually.

I will also be recommending a gentle detox using a blend of organic wild-harvested herbs, that are safe for anyone to use.  With any hormonal condition, it is essential to support the elimination process by helping out the organs that do the most work.  Your blend will initially focus on kidney and liver detox as well as blood and lymph drainage, but this may change to other blends as your treament progresses.  Additional herbs may be added for other symptoms, depending on the case.  These herbs are simple to take and can even speed up the healing process gently.

It is important to inform your GP that you are receiving Homeopathic treatment.  I will never instruct you to discontinue any prescribed medication.  However, for the best outcome it is advised that you consider choosing more natural solutions. Homeopathy can only do so much if you are still continuing with synthetic hormones during treatment.
Your need for synthetic hormones may decrease whilst on homeopathic treatment, so you should speak to your GP to adjust your dosage accordingly and how you can discontinue your current routine.

If Homeopathy sounds like the next obvious choice for you, or even if you have some questions, just hit the smiley face below.  From there you will be able to shoot me a message and even book a consultation!