With all health conditions, every person displays signs of illness or dis-ease differently.  Even with Eczema, how it shows up on your skin can vary from one person to the next.  For example, one person may have suppurative eczema, which oozes a honey coloured liquid, whereas another may have really dry, eczema that is raw and flaky. 

As a homeopath, it is less important what type of Eczema you have been diagnosed with, and far more important what triggers it, what makes it worse, what improves it, what it looks like and what caused it in the first place.  These details are essential in guiding me to the correct homeopathic remedy that is selected especially for you.  This is no one steroid cream for all protocol!  Far from it.

As with most people that suffer from Eczema, you may also be having to deal with other health conditions that have arisen as a result of treatments you have been using or other inherent weaknesses.  These can include digestive problems, allergies, asthma and stress. 

The homeopathic remedies I choose for you will also take into account these symptoms- so you can see I am not just treating your Eczema- I am treating all the expressions of dis-ease your body is displaying.


What To Expect In The Consultation

After completing the medical background form, I will gather further details of your symptoms and lifestyle, to build up a unique picture of you.  This can include information such as what kinds of foods you crave, how and if you express your emotions, if you are a warm or chilly person, amongst other things. 

With that, I will prescribe your treatment to you on the day.  For complex cases, I sometimes like time to analyse the case throroughly, in which case your prescription can be posted out or collected.  Either way, you will be given written instructions on how and when to take your remedies.  I usually like to see my clients 2-5 weeks after the initial consultation, depending on the case. 

You will be advised on practical dietary and lifestyle changes and I can introduce you to some natural and organic skincare you can use alongside any treatments you are currently taking.  These will be a natural solution for anyone wishing to come of steroid based creams.  They have great results and will work well alongside your homeopathic treatment.

I will also be recommending a gentle detox using a blend of organic wild-harvested herbs, that are safe for anyone to use.  With any skin condition, it is essential to support the elimination process by helping out the organs that do the most work.  Your blend will focus on kidney and liver detox as well as blood and lymph drainage.  Additional herbs may be added for other symptoms, depending on the case.  These herbs at simple to take an can even speed up the healing process gently.

It is important to inform your GP that you are receiving Homeopathic treatment.  I will never instruct you to discontinue any prescribed medication.  However, your need for them may decrease whilst on homeopathic treatment, so you should speak to your GP to adjust your dosage accordingly.