The medicine cleared his rash…

I went to see Shahleena because my son, who was around 8 months old at the time, had various rashes which the doctor said was eczema. I wanted a second opinion, as I thought he was too young for steroid cream, so I contacted Shahleena. She was lovely to speak to and made me feel at ease with my son. She was very thorough and gave him medicine which cleared up his rash. She was also very caring in her after care towards my son. I would definitely recommend.

Solina C / London

No more scratching at night!

I honestly thought that her eczema was something we would just have to live with.  Before treatment, Hanna was restless, could not sleep and often awoke terrified to find her sheets covered in blood from the night scratching. Since the itching has ceased, her skin is clear and supple.Her sleep is on track and no constipation – a bonus!  Thank you for your patience.  I can’t believe how much has changed in just three consultations.

Deborah / Sheffield

You’ve completely converted her very sceptical dad!

I gave histaminium as prescribed and we’ve experienced a magical recovery!  The next day her rash was completely clear. After taking the Sepia myself I felt more energetic and by the next morning I got my first period since I became pregnant!J’s skin has completely cleared, even the small dry patches on her arms and chin, and she seems to have made a huge developmental jump too.
Well done you- You’ve completely converted even her very sceptical dad.

Tess M / London

Her detailed consult surpassed that of my GP…

I can’t emphasise enough how much of a breath of fresh air it is to have someone take an indepth case for my sons eczema.It helped me to undertand B’s symptoms better as well.After giving him the Lyc 30, his painful wind stopped, and after a short bout of diarreah his eczema started to heal beautifully.For anyone who is unsure, I suggest go for it.It’s remarkable to see how well he is after months of agony.

Hayley R / London

No more steroid creams!

J has used steroid creams since 1 year.Shahleena recommended some natural creams we could use alongside the steroids and homeopathic treatment.This allowed us to wean him off gradually at our own pace.I am happy to say his use has gone from twice a day everyday to once every 3 weeks.I know we can discontinue use altogether by end of treatment.It is great to see J confidently playing with his friends again and not being distracted with all the scratching.Very happy with progress so far.

Naseem / London

Your remedy has improved his asthma!

I know we came to see you regarding my sons eczema, but since the remedies I have seen such huge improvements in his asthma too!He would often get breathless playing football and used his pump as a crutch.He now feels confident going without it.His lungs had a huge clear out in way of a pretty persistent phlegmy cough, but the relief he felt afterwards was unbelievable.We continue to use homeopathy as the remedies are just starting to hit him at the skin level.

Ellie P / London

We thought we had tried everything!

We have gone round and round in circles looking for something other than more creams to use.I always felt that my daughters skin could never be healed with creams alone.I love that you have finally addressed the cause of my daughters eczema.After giving her the Nat Mur remedy, her scalp and hairline became clear of redness and flakes, her hands are no longer dry like sandpaper. It was difficult to hear her finally let go of some of that grief.I know the remedy gave her the push to do that.

Charlie B / Southampton

No more cracked hands, no more sore skin!

I can’t thank you enough.Before my first consult, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never tried homeopathy before.I was astounded by the case take- the details you went into- I actually felt like I was being treated as an individual for once.I took the Arsenicum and immediately felt calmer in myself.The painful burning sensation on my skin has stopped and the redness has reduced significantly.I look forward to continuing our treatment together.

Faye / London

Highly recommended!

I was recommended to you by a friend who had success with your treatments.Thank you for helping me with my allergies and eczema.The allergy tablets work instantly.My hayfever has not returned since! No more streaming eyes and nose!I can’t believe it! The redness has disappeared from my arms and face.The flaking has gone!I love the cream on my skin it feels so luxurious!Thank you for not giving up on me!Highly recommended!

Anisha K / Sheffield

No more Hayfever!

Thank you for the pills!I took them as perscribed and have not had my hayfever symptoms return this year!What a relief!I can’t believe such a small pill can do so much!Thanks again!I would recommend to anyone with hayfever!

George W / Streatham

Nothing else worked this quickly!

I have used the Hopes cream you recommended.The scratching stopped straight away and really soothed the skin.When I started the Lycopodium remedy next day, A’s tummy pains had stopped, the bad smell from her mouth has gone and the redness around her eyes and nose vanished by the day after!Nothing else I have tried has ever worked this quickly!I can’t believe it!Thank you so much for your help and advice!

Anoushka P / Sheffield

Great products!

I just wanted to let you know the range you recommended has made my sons skin so smooth and supple!The itching has stopped and the redness is revealing fresh healthy skin now.It’s great to have an alternative to steroid based creams.Looking forward to seeing how homeopathic remedies can further help him.

Janey W / Sheffield

She made me feel myself again!!

I had a consultation with Shahleena regarding restless anxiety.  Shahleena carefully listened and understood me.  I took the homeopathic pills she prescribed me which made me feel myself again.  I also consulted Shahleena for my son, aged 9 who has severe ADHD.  My little boy was able to express his feelings to Shahleena, which he doesn’t do with us- it was like therapy for him.  I would definitely go back to Shahleena and recommend her to family and friends

Shaheen K / Sheffield

I have not used prescription medicine since!

After years of GP visits for severe menstrual cramps and PMS, I knew I needed to try something more gentle and consulted with Shahleena to see what other options there were.I noticed the results when my cramps were next to non existent and my PMS was pretty low.A few years on, I hardly suffer with cramps now and I do believe these magnesium pills have really helped. I don’t take any prescription medicine anymore.I will absolutely, definitely be going back to SR Health – I would highly recommend! I can’t thank you enough!

Nidaa A / Feltham

Most importantly she listened!

Following an appointment with my GP I left feeling completely frustrated and bewildered with so many unanswered questions in my head regarding the Menopause.  Following a consultation at SR HEALTH I left with hope and information. I felt completely at ease talking to Shahleena but most importantly I felt she listened and an added bonus was she didn’t keep looking at her watch unlike my GP! Everything we discussed was in a private consultation room.

Janet M / Sheffield

Her molluscum rolled off!

The GP diagnosed my daughter with molluscum.She had some wart-like eruptions on her shoulder which were a little painful and sore.I gave her the Nat Mur and Silica as advised by Shahleena.By end of the week her warts had literally just rolled off the skin.Was not expecting it to work quickly.F has been fine since.I appreciated the convenience of doing a phone consultation as well. Thanks for that.Highly recommended!

Bud R / Sheffield

Thanks for the advice!

Thank you for recommending those probiotics.After giving them for just 3 days my daughtersconstipation and tummy pain has gone! Thanks for the advice you have given me!

Amaan K / Sheffield

Her skin is the best I’ve ever seen it!

With the creams and homeopathic remedies I am using so far the skin is the best I’ve ever seen it!Thank you.I will continue to keep using them.

Amy L.M. / Sheffield