Pills, Period pains and feeling pi**ed off!

Today was a good day. You called your mum, you ticked off your five a day, you pushed your reps at the gym… YOU GOT SHIT DONE! But you know your monthlies are around the corner. How do you know? Because you have gone from picking up one biro off the floor to clearing out the cellar. You’ve instructed your man to pick up the family size galaxy bar and painkillers on his way home from work, and those belly cramps are kicking in.

And when the curtains are pulled back tomorrow morning, you will loathe that daylight shining on your face as you retreat under your blanket. You will resent your loved ones for not appearing to care, and you will feel sorry for yourself for every imaginable thing.

And of course, no one will understand, because even you can’t make sense of it. It’s just the way it is every month right? That’s PMS. That’s normal- right? Screw everyone, you can all just p***s off!

I myself was guilty of believing that feeling low, feeling anxious, feeling angry and crying uncontrollably was normal during my periods.

I believed that normal was numbing my irregular, heavy painful periods with painkillers and reaching for any substance heavily laden with sugar!I believed all this because, like so many women, this was my experience.

But then I tried Homeopathy; and it was a complete game changer.

You can say goodbye to prescribed meds as your mood lifts and you start to feel yourself again. You can wear that dress you bought for your “Going out out” night because that bloated belly is looking like it belongs on Love Island. You are going to dance all night to Bruno Mars because you have the energy, you feel confidant you feel GORGEOUS!

Homeopathic remedies will enable you to say goodbye to your painkillers, because you won’t be getting cramps, migraines or leg cramps any more. You can say goodbye to your laxatives as your digestion improves. You can worry less about flooding your sheets because your periods flowed like the Niagara falls or worse still, didn’t show up at all!

And now you too have realised, that you never had to suffer with painful periods again. Your man will never have to tread on eggshells around you again. Have your control back, be you again, you got this!

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