The molluscum just rolled off…


O.k, so I know it’s not Eczema, but this case is just an example of how homeopathy can help treat different skin complaints. 

So Bud asked me if I could recommend something for his daughters molluscum.  She had a few clusters on the back of her left shoulder.  The GP told him that they would disappear with time, but it had been months now and there was no sign of them clearing.

The molluscum looked almost like skin tags and some of them appeared to have a colourless fluid with red edges.  The child herself was a delicate blue eyed beauty, a little pale with a hint of dark rings under the eyes.  She was prone to catching colds easily, and runny noses.  I prescribed her two remedies based on the appearance of her outbreaks and her general symptoms.  She was recommended Nat Mur and Silica to take frequently.  Within a couple of weeks I received a phone call to be told her molluscum literally rolled of her skin!  Can a remedy do that?  Yes it can! 

Silica is a great remedy to clear out the body, so makes for a great skin remedy, providing the symptoms match that of the remedy.  There are many different skin remedies which can work for many different skin complaints!

Homeopathic remedies can work quickly when it comes to acute skin complaints.  They also taste great, so are very easy for children to take.

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