Easing stress related Eczema with Homeopathy

Marie (names have been changed) came to me because she wanted to get rid of the eczema on her hands. She worked as as a PA and found her inflamed skin embarrassing and uncomfortable. I took a detailed profile of her current symptoms to gather some specifics about her skin problem.

Her ezcema was more dry and flaky, with tight, red patches.  She had not suffered from eczema before, so when I asked her when it first began she answered hesitantly, “About a year ago I found out my husband was having an affair. I was devastated obviously,” she found it difficult to hold eye contact with me as she rubbed at the irritated skin between her knuckles. “He was my best friend. I could never imagine he could betray me like this”.

She began to play with her wedding ring, picking at the flaky skin underneath. “We are still living together. We attend regular counselling sessions, but I just feel the trust has been broken.”

She explained she would like to move forward, but has never felt she has truly expressed how she feels towards his actions. She was holding back a lot of pain from him, to maintain her own dignity.

After asking her a few more question about her current symptoms I decided to prescribe the remedy Natrum Muraticum (Nat Mur).

At her follow up a month later, she noticed within a week of taking the remedy her skin had improved dramatically. She revealed her soft healthy skin that had replaced the tight, red, flaky hands I had seen a month ago. She was eager to tell me she had finally asked her husband to move out, after spending the first week going through an emotional outpour. She questioned if the remedy could have assisted in that shift for her, as it was unusual for her to cry at all! Indeed homeopathic remedies work beautifully at releasing emotional suppression, which can often be the cause of physical manifestations.

Marie now felt stronger and positive that she could move forward in her personal and work life, without the embarrassment of her irritable and unsightly eczema.

Eczema can have many triggers- stress, dietary intolerances, changes in weather, medications and topical applications are just a few examples. A homeopathic consultation can address these triggers, and get a detailed look into what conditions can make it worse or better. Gentle and effective natural treatment with homeopathy can help end the long term suffering caused by eczema and similar dry skin conditions.

Do you or someone you know suffer with eczema? There are so many different homeopathic remedies that can help.

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