Chubby babies with Eczema.

One thing I really love about my job is the super cute babies that come into my practice.  There are those which when you see them, you just know immediately what homeopathic remedy you will likely prescribe.  This little cutey pie was no exception!

Thomas’ mum brought her little chubby chops in for treatment for bowel and skin issues.  As little T sat there wrapped up in his little carrier, I just couldn’t take my eyes of him.  Such a cute little chubby lump, sitting there chilled and content, gazing up at me.

Mum proceeded to show me the crusty, milk patches located on his scalp, lower back of his head and tiny vesicles in the folds of his squishy little neck.  She informed me he sweats quite a bit in his sleep, which she noticed smells quite sour.  When I asked her if she noticed anything that made his skin worse, she said at bathtimes, even without soaps, his skin would flare up.

We discussed what kind of foods he liked to eat- boiled eggs, potatoes and milk he would often take to easily, although she believed they gave him constipation.  She also noticed when he sits watching his big sister play, he has a habit of biting at her chalk and crayons, which she has to take from him so he doesn’t eat them all up!  Upon closer inspection of his skin, it appears he has been scratching at them which has caused them to bleed.

After getting plenty of detail, i prescribed the remedy Calc Carb, as this remedy seemed to fit a lot of his symptoms and his constitution.  After a week from taking the remedy she noticed a dramatic improvement in his bowels, after a small bout of diarreah.  After further improvements, she could see his skin had healed behind the neck and on the head.  By the end of the month his little arms were clear as well!

Do you have a chubby baby who needs help with skin and digestive troubles?  Generally little ones who need Calc Carb will be slow developers- slow dentition, and slow to walk and talk.  However this remedy is great for all babies and children going through their developmental milestones, and will help ease them through a painless transition.

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